Cleptomanicx "Keep Pushing"


Once again my old friend it’s time.
Time to create new horizons.
Sometimes the pursuit of what lies ahead brings separation.

You will find me passing perspective, paving your own streets.
Beyond you.
Discovering new.
When we meet again I want to hear your stories, see your marks.
Limitations don’t exist on this landscape.

Fighting the arctic anarchy of the street, exploring new grounds.
I will be by your side.
A familiar tide.
If you follow the concrete long enough, we will fall into position.
Distancing yourself from an easy escape.

Moving towards the glimpse of the light without trepidation.
I know you will push through...
keep pushing (written).

Cleptomanicx 82" Commercial

Skater // Lars Zimmermann
VO // Bob Hurley

Writer // Katia Giovo & Julian Spillner
Director // Julian Spillner
Executive Producer // Hans Peter Heineking
Producer // Patricia Thiery
DOP // Peter Garajszki
AC // Vergile Bikindou
Sound // Filmtonwerft
H&M // Franziska Vogel
Production Assistant // Robin Henniger
Editor // Julian Cohn
Komposition & Sound Design // Dario Albiez
Color Grading // Bow Couleur

Produced by eitel sonnenschein in cologne.